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Chas Kramer
18 February
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chas kramer

At eighteen years old, Chas Kramer wants nothing more in the world than to be like his idol, the exorcist John Constantine, with whose work and world he is endlessly fascinated by. Despite the promised title of “apprentice”, he has yet to find himself putting his vast accumulation of religious and historical knowledge to practise, and though he grows ever more frustrated he remains faithful and hardworking, never losing hope that someday he’ll have the chance to prove his worth.

This is a RP journal for sixwordstories; Chas Kramer is a character from the 2005 movie Constantine, and as such, I am not him, nor am I Shia LaBoeuf, so no suing please. I also do not own Constantine, just so that’s clear too.

other RPs: bookofchas, a twenty-year-old Chas several years after the events of the film

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